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Best Interior Design Company In Bangladesh

Dream Touch Architects Limited is the best interior design company in Bangladesh, among the top 10. Our company has been providing all types of interior design services for more than 18 years in the interior design industry in Bangladesh.

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Interior Design Company In Dhaka

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Top Interior Design Company In Bangladesh

Dream Touch is a dedicated interior design company in Bangladesh. We have gained a wide reputation by providing interior design services, especially in Dhaka. Achieving customer satisfaction is the main reason our company has become a pioneer in the interior design industry in Bangladesh. Our expert interior designers provide the desired solutions to the customer’s dream interior design project beyond their expectations.

We professionally execute every interior project to build the client’s dream palace. Our company pays detailed attention to ensuring that every interior design project is executed perfectly and beautifully. Our company’s in-house design team puts maximum effort into making every project aesthetic and functional for the customers. Importantly, we are committed to providing industry-standard interior design services according to the customer’s demands.

    Interior Design Firm in Dhaka

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    Biggest Interior Design Firm In Bangladesh | Dream Touch BD

    Dream Touch Architects Ltd. is a desired interior design company for the discerning and tasteful people in the interior design industry of Bangladesh.

    So it is 100% true that this company is the best interior design company in Bangladesh. Dream Touch Architects Limited has completed 3000+ successful projects in interior design in more than 18 years. This company started work in 2006 as a valued interior design company in Bangladesh. The company’s interior designer has achieved outstanding performance in satisfying our valued customers in interior design and decoration. The challenge for our in-house designers is to fulfill the customers’ essential needs by ensuring company commitment and good service. Our company is always committed to providing timely project handover- and after-sales services to respected customers.

    Importantly, our company has an energetic team dedicated to interior design. The team includes experienced architects, interior supervisors, engineers, and several skilled workers. This trusted company’s field employees are also expert enough to provide top-quality interior services. We have already completed many prestigious interior design and decoration projects nationwide.

    Interior Design Company In Bangladesh
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    Best Interior Design Agency In Bangladesh | Top Company

    Dream Touch Architects Limited is the biggest and best interior design company in Bangladesh‘s interior design industry. For your interior design needs, the Company Address is Eastern Plaza Level 6, Bir Uttam CR Dutta Road, Hatirpool, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh. Our company stays updated with the latest interior design trends. Our company has been doing prestigious work in Bangladesh’s interior design and decoration industry for a long time and has many reputation achievements.

    Moreover, Dream Touch Architects Ltd. is a dedicated interior design company in Bangladesh. Our skilled designers implement the interior design according to the customer’s choice and add the highest-quality interior materials to make the design more aesthetic. In the company’s history, 3000+ successful interior design projects have been handed over.

    This company’s internal projects include residential, non-residential, and commercial projects. However, we are proud of this company as most of the prestigious interior design projects, big and small, in Bangladesh’s interior design industry have been executed under our company. Therefore, Dream Touch Architects Limited is a famous and trusted interior design or decoration company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Top Interior Design Firm In Bangladesh | Top Listed Company

    Dream Touch Architects Limited is among the top 10 interior design companies in Bangladesh in terms of technical capability in interior design.

    Our company has sufficient technical capabilities to handle interior design projects in Bangladesh. Our experienced and skilled architects, interior designers, and engineers will successfully manage your project from inception to handover.

    To implement any interior design, first, an experienced team from our company will visit your place and make a plan. Then, they will create a layout consistent with the interior design. The company’s skilled designers and experienced team members will select the elements that best visualize your interior design. Our company designers will complete the design as soon as possible while keeping your budget in mind.

    Dream Touch Architects Limited offers interior design services, including Home, Office, Hospital, Restaurant, Bank, Hotel, Showroom, and Pavilion. Our company’s experienced interior designers always try to create the expected and inspiring interior designs for the customers.

    Choosing The Best Interior Design Company | Top Rated Firm In Dhaka

    A skilled and experienced interior designer is definitely needed to achieve the desired design. Our company has enough skilled and professional designers, engineers, architects, and numerous staff to deliver your desired project. Choose Dream Touch Architects Limited to implement your interior project. This is Bangladesh's best interior design company and the only trusted partner for realizing your dreams.


    Our team consists of experienced professionals with 18 years of experience. Notably, they will ensure that your project is handled precisely and efficiently.



    We tailor our solutions to meet your needs by offering personalized services aligned with your goals and objectives.



    Rely on us and trust our ability to deliver consistent results on time and within budget.


    Client Centric Approach

    Your satisfaction is our top priority. We prioritize open communication, transparency and collaboration to ensure your expectations are met and exceeded.

    Company Work Process



    Firstly, we hold a meeting to understand the client's needs and preferences.


    Project Planning

    Secondly, We develop a suitable plan based on the client's input and site assessment.


    Project Design

    We create and refine attractive designs to meet client expectations.


    Project Execution

    We also monitor the execution of interior design plans, collaborating closely with manufacturers and contractors.

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    Mission Vision of The Reputed Company In Bangladesh

    Best Interior Designer In Bangladesh

    LN. Salauddin Manik

    Director & CEO


    • Delighting Customers by providing solutions.
    • Being the best place to work for employees.
    • Delivering the best quality products with rational prices to respected clients.
    • Being Committed to deliver the products in time.
    • Providing Post Handover Services to meet the requirements of the client.
    • Being a responsible part of society by generating employment.


    The vision of our interior design company is to touch your dreams where our capabilities successfully meet the requirements of our valued customers with transparency and cost-effectiveness.

    Best Interior Design Company In Bangladesh
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    Best Interior Design Company In Bangladesh
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    Dream Touch Architects Ltd,
    Eastern Plaza, Sonargaon Road,Dhaka,Bangladesh-1205,
    Telephone No.+8801955-521500
    Dhaka, Bangladesh
    We are the best interior design company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide all types of interior design service in Bangladesh, including home , offices, hotels, hospitals, and restaurants.

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