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Dream Touch Architects Ltd. is Bangladesh’s leading Interior decoration company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Beginning with an initial design concept and continuing through installation and detailing of final design rudiments to complete the project, we offer comprehensive design services. We are an interior design firm based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


We are one of the best Interior decoration company in Dhaka Bangladesh. As a result, a corporate office makes an attempt to create a better working atmosphere that also accurately reflects its brand. We frequently concentrate on the office decorator and treat it with the same seriousness that our clients do. They prefer a stylish, well-decorated, and clever office interior over the usual monotonous design, thus we endeavor to provide a pleasant experience for our employees.

Why Choose Our Interior Decoration Company in Dhaka Bangladesh

Our Interior decoration company in Dhaka Bangladesh. Flat Interior, Duplex Interior, Office Interior Design, Bank Interior Design, Buying House Interior Design, Restaurant Interior Design, Hotel Interior Design, Super shop Design, Showroom Interior Design, Resort Interior Design, Coffee Shop Interior Design, Landscape Design, Stall Interior Design, Food Court Interior Design, Fast Food Interior Design, Commercial Interior Design, Residential Interior Design & Decoration.

We are committed to providing your organization with an exceptional and opulent space that you will be delighted to call home. You can use our services if you need a home office or corporate office planning for your company. We are the best Interior Design Company In Dhaka. Bangladesh

Our Services

Flat Interior & Decoration

Duplex Interior & Decoration

Office Interior Design & Decoration

Bank Interior Design & Decoration

Buying House Interior Design & Decoration

Restaurant Interior Design & Decoration

Hotel Interior Design & Decoration

Showroom Interior Design & Decoration

Resort Interior Design & Decoration

Stall Interior Design & Decoration

Food Court Interior Design & Decoration

Fast Food Interior Design & Decoration

For the past 15 years, Dream Touch Architects Ltd. has served as the best interior decoration company in Dhaka Bangladesh. We have extensive interior design knowledge and experience. As the largest Interior Decoration and Interior Design Company in the country. We always provide services throughout the country. We give the highest quality board as an Architects Board Company in Bangladesh. Chemical treatment door prices in Bangladesh vary, but we have the best deals on all of them. Ceiling Rose, Ceiling Strip, Cornis Corner, Cornis Strip, Design Glass, False Ceiling, and Kitchen Cabinet are some of the items we offer.

Your house should represent your personality. The interior design of your home should make you feel at ease while living there, as well as wow your visitors. We are the best Interior Design Company In Dhaka Bangladesh.

We is aware of this. And we’ll make certain that your home is properly designed.

We’ll talk about your home design ideas and visions with you and devise a plan for your house interior design project. We’ll also make certain that the final design adheres to the agreed-upon design strategy.

Why should you hire Dream Touch Architects Ltd.  For design your home or office?

Because we tailor our services to your specific requirements!

Sourcing with Confidence Interior decoration company in Dhaka Bangladesh

Our team has extensive experience planning and tracking interior design materials and accessories. To provide you with high-quality goods, our Purchase team works with reputable vendors.

Project Management + Turn-Key

If you wanting a quality interior design services then you can came to our factory or show room. We are always giving clients satisfaction. This is our first priority . That’s why Dream Touch Architects Ltd. Is one of the best Interior decoration company in Dhaka Bangladesh.

We invite you come to our Dream Touch Architects Ltd for choosing your dream furniture or interior or exterior design for your home or office.