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Commercial space interior design is a practical decision in business growth. The best interior design company in Bangladesh, Dream Touch Architects Ltd., can guide you in designing a commercial space to optimize its spaces properly and give an outstanding look.

Concept About Commercial Space Interior

Commercial space interior is the decoration and aesthetic arrangement of establishments used for business purposes. These include offices, restaurants, shops, hotels, hospitals, banks, and other commercial establishments. The main goal of commercial space interior design is to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics per the organization’s goals and objectives. Moreover, it makes the commercial space a comfortable, productive, and professional environment.

Reasons behind commercial space interiors getting popular day by day

If the office or workplace is comfortable, the work speed increases manifold. Therefore, various organizational psychologists mention that if the workplace or office is comfortable, the performance of the employees increases several times.

However, the productivity of all workers may depend on different factors. Because other people have different opinions, tastes, and needs, it is essential to keep in mind while planning the office space that it is beneficial to have some knowledge and experience about interiors to create a comfortable and, at the same time, multi-functional office for everyone.

Interiors are a blending of science and the arts. Here, planning and concept are measured in every inch, and creativity is given priority in all cases.

In many cases, interior design is as difficult as it sounds. Because it takes scientific processes, human psychology, and creativity, its functionality and comfort criteria may vary from office to office. Even in different departments within the same office, there may be differences in the environment. But despite the various challenges, you must ensure that a good working environment prevails in the office and that the staff can work with their utmost concentration, where the quality and quantity of work increase manifoldly.

Well Interiored Work Environment Is The Performance Booster

Commercial Space

There is a saying: first, the visionary, then the judge of quality. Nowadays, people’s tastes and habits have changed drastically along with the demands of the age. People now feel more comfortable shopping in supermarkets than raw markets due to modern conveniences and improved taste.

Therefore, small and large companies are quick to decorate all kinds of commercial spaces aesthetically to prioritize the preferences and tastes of people with modern tastes.

As today’s business is very competitive, every organization wants to stay ahead of others. Beginning with the seating arrangements in the workplace, each organization’s understanding of a range of prominent issues, such as management style and culture, may be seen, beginning with reasonably priced office décor. In this regard, the importance of commercial interiors is increasing daily to adapt to the needs of customers in various segments and the competitive market.


The office can be called a second home, as one spends most of the day at work. Nowadays, any organization can realize the importance of office interior design in increasing the company’s overall productivity. Big or small, and if we keep pace with the times, the demand for commercial interiors to provide a modern office space experience goes without saying.

You can understand the importance of interior design and decoration in beautifying any office from the above. Designing the office space aesthetically helps your business grow in many ways. There is no substitute for interior design to create a welcoming and positive atmosphere in the office to attract customers.

As one of Bangladesh’s best interior design companies, we’re willing to share more critical information about commercial interiors from our experience.

Some Steps Are Followed In Any Commercial Interior Work, Including Offices, Restaurants, Showrooms, And Retail Stores.

Making layout by space planning: An interior designer’s first task is measuring the space.

  • Creating office layout and space planning.
  • Creating preliminary sketches and conceptual designs.
  • Determine the theme, colors, and style.

3D Design Concept: The 3D Design Concept is developed of the design concept as per the plan.

  • Preparation of detailed interior designs and architectural drawings.
  • Selecting furniture, lighting, decor items, finishes, and other materials.
  • Creating 3D visualization and rendering of designs.

Design and Planning Implementation: Design implementation is one of the most essential tasks for any interior project after design. Because anything that can be presented in the design but not implemented in reality is meaningless. So, while designing, implementation should also be kept in mind.

  • Commencement of construction work as per plan.
  • Completion of interior work as per the prescribed design.
  • Regular site inspection and quality control of work.

Final Touch and Finishing: The beauty of an interior design largely depends on its finishing. Because through

  • Fixed minor issues in the final touch.
  • Ensuring the finishing of various decor and furniture.
  • At the end of the work, the space is well-cleaned and ready for use.

Office Or Commercial Space Interior Parts

Creative design and quality materials highlight various essential office or commercial interior parts. Currently famous for commercial interiors are:

Office Main Gate: Office main gate decoration plays an essential role in creating the first step impression of an organization. It is an entrance and an indicator of the office’s brand identity and credibility. An attractive and secure main gate helps to welcome everyone, including staff and customers, and grow trust and confidence among them. In addition, the main gate enhances the overall aesthetics and security of the office through proper lighting, advanced materials, and design, which makes the office environment more attractive and known as a professional institution.

Reception Counter: Reception counter decoration is essential in creating a strong impression of an establishment for anyone who comes. Because it is the first place employees, customers, and guests enter. An attractive and professional reception counter reflects the office’s brand image and the organization’s quality. A modern, well-designed reception counter plays an essential role in welcoming employees and customers and providing them with essential services, which creates a positive perception of the organization. Besides, a well-designed reception counter enhances workplace performance and creates a friendly environment.


Shoe cabinet: The shoe cabinet is essential to maintain order and cleanliness in the workplace. A well-equipped shoe cabinet properly stores employees’ shoes, which helps keep the office floor and environment clean and tidy. If its design is compatible with the office’s interior, it enhances its overall aesthetics and brand image. The convenience of storing shoes before and after work increases the speed and mental comfort of employees, which helps to increase productivity in the workplace.

Waiting Room/Visitor Room: Office visitor or waiting room decoration reflects the professionalism and hospitality of the organization, which has a positive impact on incoming guests, clients, and partners. A comfortable visitor room welcomes guests and makes their waiting time comfortable. Pleasant design, appropriate furniture, adequate lighting, and decor consistent with the brand provide a good impression of the establishment among the visitors. This, in turn, increases visitor satisfaction and trust, which play an essential role in business relationships.

Personal Room of MD, CEO, and Manager: The personal room decoration of MD, CEO, and Manager reflects the professionalism and brand identity of an organization. The orderly and elegant design of these rooms makes their working environment comfortable and productive, which helps in making sound decisions and providing leadership. Besides, the combination of appropriate furniture, a suitable color scheme, and personal style make the office environment elegant and motivating. It fosters a courteous and professional environment for a variety of significant discussions with high officials. This improves the organization’s reputation and has a favorable effect on internal and external stakeholders. 

Executive Deck Interior: The importance of executive room decoration is immense in creating a functional, comfortable, and professional environment for executives. The orderly and elegant decoration of these rooms enhances concentration in delivering the best output of work and helps in creativity and decision-making. The right furniture, lighting, and color combinations make spaces look more elegant and professional, making them ideal for conducting regular work. Such decoration reflects the status of the officers and the brand image of the organization. This creates an atmosphere of respect, brotherhood, and trust among the employees and has a positive impact on the organization, its working environment, and the culture of the external guests and clients.

Furniture and other decor items: Furniture plays an essential role in interior design. A beautiful office must have attractive and comfortable furniture items. Where workers spend most of their day, the furniture is crucial to worker productivity, well-being, and overall comfort if it is visually pleasing and comfortable to use.

There are several important considerations for selecting furniture for any establishment:

Efficiency and Productivity: High-quality office furniture improves the efficiency and productivity of employees. Convenient and functional furniture enhances their focus on work, and a rich work environment is ensured through various necessary pieces of furniture.

Employee Wellness: Office furniture has a significant impact on the physical and mental health of employees. Especially for those who work at a desk for long periods, the chair needs to be elevated. Quality furniture provides comfort to employees and encourages quality work to ensure a healthy and overall beautiful work environment.

Brand Image and Prestige: Office furniture with modern facilities reflects the prestige issue and the brand image of the management of the organization.

Almost everyone in the organization can understand the importance of the quality of the furniture used in the professional organization.

We at Dream Touch Architects Ltd. undertake any type of interior project, including a home, office, showroom, or restaurant, with confidence. Our sister concern, Dream Furniture BD, manufactures all kinds of doors and furniture in its factory and supplies them all over the country.

As the demand for interiors increases globally, this sector will become more dynamic in the future. Also, the demand for interior design in various commercial spaces in Bangladesh is increasing day by day.

Commercial Reception Space Interior

Notable commercial interior designs, such as:

  • Corporate office interior
  • Hotel and resort interiors
  • Restaurant and cafeteria interior
  • Supershop interior design
  • Hospital and Clinic Interiors
  • Showroom interior
  • Salon interior
  • Beauty parlor interior
  • Gymnasium interior
  • Cinema hall interior
  • Art Gallery and Museum Interior
  • Outlet or Pavilion Interior

Ultimately, commercial interior design should be seen as an investment for the organization rather than a cost. A beautiful and professional institutional environment brings various advantages to any organization. A visionary and professional organization plays an essential role in achieving brand image, value, and market share.

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Commercial space interior design is a practical decision in business growth. The best interior design company in Bangladesh, Dream Touch Architects Ltd., can guide you in designing a commercial space to optimize its spaces properly and give an outstanding look.

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