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Top 10 Duplex House Design In Bangladesh

Are you looking for the duplex house design in Bangladesh? You have come to the right place to get an attractive duplex house design. We have discussed here the best Bangladeshi duplex house designs. Moreover, you can contact us for any house design as per your need. Dream Touch Architects Limited is the best interior and exterior design company in Bangladesh. We have been providing duplex house design services since 2006 all over Bangladesh. Already we have completed many duplex house design projects in Dhaka.

Bangladeshi Duplex House Design List

However, here we have listed 10 eye-catching Bangladeshi duplex house designs. Check out the list and choose the best one according to your budget to build your dream duplex home:

  1. Modern Minimalist Duplex
  2. Traditional Bengali Style Duplex
  3. Contemporary Duplex with Rooftop Garden
  4. Luxurious Duplex with Swimming Pool
  5. Duplex with Open Floor Plan
  6. Duplex with Courtyard
  7. Duplex with Traditional Touches
  8. Duplex with Mezzanine
  9. Compact Duplex for Urban Living
  10. Duplex with Sustainable Features

1. Modern Minimalist Duplex House Design

Modern Minimalist Duplex House Design

Our first discussion is on Modern Minimalist Duplex house design in Bangladesh. It has a sleek architectural style.

It has clean lines, oversized windows, and refined colours. This design is all about optimizing space, making it functional and appealing. This Duplex design maximizes space efficiency. It offers a contemporary look. The look is both inviting and practical for modern living.

2. Traditional Bengali Style Duplex House Design

Our second discussion revolves around the traditional Bengali-style duplex design in Bangladesh. Picture a conventional Bengali duplex. It is like a flowing stream of life. It carries the richness and expertise cultivated over centuries of culture. These homes are not just structures. They are living embodiments of the grandeur in traditional Bengali architecture. They breathe new life into age-old designs. They merge tradition’s essence with the comforts of modern life.

Now, envision yourself stepping through a stunning arched doorway. Inside, the space has intricate woodwork. Each detail tells tales of craftsmanship passed down through generations. This house design has roof curves. It mirrors the iconic Bengali hut. It symbolizes a nod to tradition. But it embraces a modern sensibility. It creates a harmonious blend of the past and the present.

3. Contemporary Duplex House Design With Rooftop Garden

Contemporary Duplex House Design With rooftop Garden

In the third phase of our discussion, we talked about Contemporary Duplex Design. It has a Roof Garden. In this innovative design, we fully embrace sustainability. We will do this by adding a lush roof garden or green terrace. These features make the residence look better. They also promote eco-friendly living.

Imagine lush greenery on the rooftop. It forms a tranquil outdoor oasis. Residents can unwind and connect with nature. It blends sustainable practices with modern living. It mixes elegance and environmental care.

4. Luxurious Duplex House Design With Swimming Pool

We discussed the luxurious duplex with a swimming pool in the fourth phase. Enjoy a life of luxury in our beautiful duplex. It has a stunning swimming pool, large balconies, and refined interiors. Those with discerning taste designed it. It blends comfort and sophistication.

It provides a lifestyle experience like no other. You might be lounging by the poolside—or entertaining guests on the spacious balconies. Every moment in this luxury home is elegant and charming. Raise your living standards. Immerse yourself in the height of opulence with our exceptional duplex.

Luxurious Duplex House Design With Swimming Pool

5. Duplex House Design With Open Floor Plan

Duplex House Design With Open Floor Plan

During our discussions in the fifth phase, we delved into the concept of a Duplex with an Open Floor Plan. This stunning duplex has a modern design ethos. It emphasizes openness and connectivity at every turn. Removing interior walls fosters a spacious atmosphere.

It makes it easy to move between spaces. You may be hosting guests or with family. This layout promotes a natural flow. It’s perfect for both lively gatherings and daily life.

6. Duplex House Design With Courtyard

In the sixth phase, we discussed the Duplex house design with Courtyard. The “Duplex with Courtyard” design is a thoughtful approach to home architecture. It is well-suited for the context of Bangladesh. This design has a central courtyard. It brings in more natural light and fresh air.

It also gives residents a serene outdoor space. They can unwind or do gardening. The Courtyard is at the heart of the duplex. It connects indoor and outdoor living spaces. But it also keeps them private. This design blends function and beauty. It meets the needs of modern life in Bangladesh.

7. Duplex House Design With Traditional Touches

Duplex House Design With Traditional Touches

The house design embraces the rich culture of Bangladesh. It blends modern comforts with tradition. A garden is at the heart of the home. It brings light and greenery inside. The garden is a peaceful place to relax and connect with nature.

The layout is thoughtful. It optimizes space and functionality with open-plan living areas. They flow into each other, creating a sense of spaciousness and interconnectedness. Integrated modern amenities and conveniences ensure a comfortable and contemporary lifestyle.

This duplex house design blends old-world charm with modern style. It offers a timeless and inviting sanctuary for its occupants. It embodies the spirit of traditional Bangladesh. But it embraces the comforts of contemporary living.

8. Duplex House Design With Mezzanine

This design is innovative and tailored for Bangladesh. We’ve added a mezzanine level. It takes the idea of vertical living to new heights. This mezzanine is more than just extra space. It’s a versatile addition. It can become a cozy reading corner. It can also be a productive home office or a relaxing spot. By using vertical space, we’ve expanded the home’s functional areas.

We’ve also created a living environment that adapts to your lifestyle. Welcome to a duplex. We have designed every inch to enhance your life.

Duplex House Design With Mezzanine

9. Compact Duplex For Urban Living

Compact Duplex For Urban Living

It suits the demands of modern urban living in Bangladesh. It is about efficiency and practicality. It deals with the challenges of limited space while maximizing functionality. It has built-in storage solutions.

The rooms have many uses and a small footprint. The duplex offers an innovative and green way to live in cities. It’s not just a house. It’s a mix of comfort and convenience. It’s tailored to meet the changing needs of city residents.

10. Duplex House Design With Sustainable Features

Picture a duplex house in the heart of Bangladesh. Luxury there blends with sustainability. Imagine a well-crafted design. We choose each part, whether materials or energy systems, to reduce environmental impact. But they don’t sacrifice elegance and functionality.

This careful approach goes beyond fashion. It will be dedicated to mindful living. It combines modern comforts with a strong reverence for our planet. In this ideal, sustainability isn’t an add-on. It’s woven into the design. This results in a home that’s both attractive and eco-friendly.

Duplex house design with Sustainable Features

Why We Are The Best In Bangladeshi Duplex House Design

First and foremost, we prioritize innovation and creativity in every project we undertake. Our team is skilled and pushes the limits of conventional design. They aim to deliver unique duplex homes that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Additionally, we place a strong emphasis on client collaboration and satisfaction. We understand that each client has unique preferences. They also have requirements and aspirations for their duplex house. Therefore, we take time to listen to our clients’ needs. We work closely with them through the design process. We do this to ensure their vision is made with precision and excellence.

Moreover, we have an unparalleled commitment to quality and craftsmanship. We carefully choose the best materials. We use advanced construction techniques. It ensures that our duplexes meet high standards. They must be durable, functional, and good-looking.

Furthermore, sustainability is at the core of our design philosophy. We integrate practices and tech into our designs. They cut environmental impact. They also maximize energy efficiency and comfort for homeowners.

Lastly, our track record speaks for itself. We have become leaders in duplex house design. We have a proven record of success and happy clients. When you choose our company, you can rest assured that you will give your project to a team of dedicated professionals. We commit to excellence in every aspect of the design process.

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