Our Concern


Dream Touch Architects Ltd, a sister concern of Dream Touch Group, is responsible for Interior & Exterior design, supervision & practical work implementation. Since 2006, we are doing our outstanding performances successfully to satisfy our honorable customers. It is our challenge to meet the requirements & needs of our valued customers by ensuring them our quality, commitment & services. We are always ready to give post-handover services to our respected customers. A number of young, energetic & experienced Architects & Designers are with our team having well experienced a number of engineers & interior supervisors & labors. Our field forces are enough experts to give you maximum satisfaction. A large number of prestigious works/ projects already we have successfully done in country wide.

Our Concerns:

  • Dream Touch Architects Ltd.
  • Dream Touch Properties Ltd.
  • Dream Touch Construction and Engineering.
  • Dream Touch Doors and Furniture.
  • Dream Touch Showroom – Building Materials.
  • Dream Gallery – Tiles and Sanitary.
  • Dream Touch Export-Import Ltd.
  • Dream Touch Factory.

Our company is recognized for our award-winning interior design services. Our personnel has expertise in residential, commercial and private interior design projects. We are prominent experts in the competitive interior design industry. We combine the best talents and years of experience to create attractive interior spaces.

Our interior design projects support all clients to get interior spaces impressive, cutting-edge and timeless. A qualified team of interior designers in our company has a dedication to enhancing their services in different aspects and fulfilling the expectations of all clients.  We invest in advanced resources and efficiently use the latest technologies to provide the best-in-class nature of the interior design service.


Our mission is to provide the best-in-class interior design services rich in individuality and attractiveness. We are committed to achieving the maximum level of interior design with the approach “turn-key”. We successfully take part in the interior design projects from the beginning to the successful end. We provide innovative interior design solutions rich in functional and aesthetic elements.


The personnel of our company have passion and expertise for all residential and commercial interior design projects. We create traditional and modern interior designs with an aim to support clients to realize expectations about the attractiveness of interior of the property within the schedule and budget.

Qualified and friendly personnel of our company provide the first-class nature of the interior design services. We enhance our efforts to turn any space into an outstanding expression of the personality of our clients. Our interior design services support all clients to get attractive and functional space as per their expectations.

Our team has enough proficiency and years of experience to design the interior environment client’s desire. We use the fine-tuned vision and the best practices to enhance the interior design services in different aspects. Our interior design expertise and experiences make the overall team invaluable to every client.

Customized services

Our company prefers and uses a collaborative approach to design the interior of the property as per the expectations of all clients. We assist every client to develop and hone their own taste and style. We discourage short-lived trends in the interior design sector and encourage our clients to prefer and opt for the quality and timelessness of interior designs.

We customize the interior design services as per the expectations of all clients and ensure an excellent enhancement in various aspects of our services. We are here to give you the professional guidance and assist you to choose and get the personalized interior design service.

Our interior design company is armed with a trusted team of well-experienced interior designers who have expansive portfolios. We have the proficiency to create practical, fashionable and attractive interior designs beyond imaginations of all our clients. We design to deliver the first-class nature of interior design services as per the specifications of every client.

The personnel of our company has expertise in both residential and commercial interior design projects. We approach all interior design projects with an objective in mind and use every chance to enhance our services in a successful manner.

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